the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.

Understanding Sex “Addiction” :

Is “sex addiction” a thing? What defines a sex “addict?” In this presentation Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Sexologist Nicoletta von Heidegger explores the myth of sex addiction and explains some ways to address sexual behavior that feels out of control. Tune in for a brief conversation about how to have a healthier relationship with your sexuality. For more, visit

To be or not to be…(non)monogamous?!
Presented by Melissa LeSane

To be or not to be
monogamous/non-monogamous is the issue that people can get stuck on when developing intimate relationships, including performers because their tends to be an assumption made that performers’ relationships are automatically non-monogamous. Deciding what is “right”, “best”, “true” can feel like a never-ending loop of confusion, and there’s usually very little outside support around this experience

Sexual Health Awareness During a Pandemic and Beyond
Presented by Moushumi Ghose

We discuss ways to be intimate, whilst embracing pleasure and safety whether it be in dating, in non monogamous relationships, on-set and or during quarantine. Also we will discuss what it means to be safe, and extra focus on ways to be creative and safe! (think latex body suits, mutual masturbation, sexting, Skype dates, etc..).