lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (or questioning).

Rainbow Resilience: Overcoming LGBT Performer’s Community Challenge
Presented by Rachael Wells

The LGBTQ+ community within the adult performance industry face many challenges in and outside of their work. Marginalization, houselessness, isolation, suicide, abuse, and threats of outing are commonplace. Within the industry, many performers may feel a sense of idealization and/or devaluation, both of which are forms of fetishization. This seminar discusses and normalizes difficult feelings while discussing individual and community resources to heal these wounds.

Pride From The Inside: Staying True to You and Those Around You
Presented by Samantha Willis & Julia Schiffman

Human connection is foundational in our relationships, both in how we engage at work and in other parts of our lives. It becomes even more important with how we maintain PRIDE in who we are and how we move with others. This webinar will focus on the ways we can build and create connections through different avenues within the LGBTQ+ community while addressing relational challenges and safety issues, whether online or in person.